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How to Install Print Audit

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 It is imperative that we install Print Audit wherever possible. This software allows us to reliably collect meter reads, and could potentially lead to additional sales opportunites. The data ICE (Information Collection Engine) collects is invaluable to our operations.

1) Visit and login with: [email protected], password: 823i96U

2) Click Administration, and then Customers. In the Filter box, search for the client’s business name. If a correct result appears, copy the Activation Code. Skip to step 5.

3) If not, click Create New Customer at the top right. Enter the Customer Name exactly as it appears in Forza. At the Dealer line, click the Change button. Click the magnifying glass button at the bottom left corner, and select the MCC branch which will service this machine.

4) Select the correct time zone, add the contact name, and click Save. Copy the Activation Code.

5) Click the Help link at the top right, and expand Information Collection Engine. Scroll down, and download the ICE installer from the provided link.

6) After Installing, launch the ICE Administrator. Paste in the Activation Key, and click Activate. After a moment, you should see a confirmation popup. If an error occurs, retry; the second or third attempt often succeeds.

7) In the ICE Administrator, click Tools, and then Scan Now. A popup appears for confirmation, click OK.

8) After a few minutes, meter data should be visible on the site under this client, Primary SiteDevices and Licensing.

9) The final step is to click on the device we’ve just installed, change the tracking level to Platinum, and set Managed to Yes.

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