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How to Get Meter Readings on Copiers

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The following pages give step by step instructions on how to walk a client through collecting counter/meter information from most copiers sold by MCC.  This manual is broken down by copier make (Toshiba, Lexmark, Muratec) and then by color or black and white where needed.  The steps for most individual models are alike in their counter placement, so individual model instruction is not needed in most cases.  When possible, control panel simulation files have been provided to make it easier to walk customers through the process.  Instructions for using these simulations are included when simulations are available.

Section 1—Toshiba

I.                    Color Models

a.       Includes eStudio 2330, 2830, 3530, 4520, 2540, 3540, 4540, 2050, 2051, 2055, 2555, 3055, 3555, 4555, 5055, 5520, 6520, 5540, 6540, 6550, 5560, 6560, 6570

b.       On the control panel, locate the “Counter” button.

i.      For these models, 2330, 2830, 3530, 4520, 2540, 3540, 4540, 2050, 2051, 2055, 2555, 3055, 3555, 4555, 5055, the counter button is located on right side of the touchscreen on the top row.  It is between the power button and the interrupt button.

ii.      For these models, 5520, 6520, 5540, 6540, 6550, 5560, 6560, 6570, the counter button is located below the touchscreen on the far left.  It is just below the interrupt button.

c.       Select “Total Counter” on the touchscreen. 

d.       Select “Print Counter”

e.       Counter needed is the “Full Color” on the left column and “Black” on the 3rd column.

II.                  Black and White Models

a.       Includes eStudio 205, 255, 305, 355, 455, 206, 256, 306, 356, 456, 506, 207, 257, 307, 357, 457, 507, 555, 755, 855, 556, 756, 856, 557, 757, 857

b.       On the control panel, locate the “Counter” button.

                          i.      The counter button is located to the right of the touchscreen in between the power button and the interrupt button on all models.

c.       Read the meter count displayed on the screen.

III.                 For models not listed above, try the following:

a.       Press the “User Function” button and the counter should be displayed on the screen

b.       If that does not work, seek assistance from Document Solutions.

IV.                Control Panel simulations:

a.       There are 3 control panel simulations for the color Toshiba models. 

b.       To use the simulation, double click the correct file (listed below with their models).

                          i.      All buttons on the simulation can be clicked with your mouse and will do exactly what they do on an actual copier.  For example, clicking the counter button on the simulation will take you to the screen that displays the “Print Counter” button the customer will need to click next.

                          ii.      If the screen displays “Department Code” when you open the simulation, click the “OK” button on the screen with your mouse and it will display the correct screen.  You do not need to enter a password.

                          iii.      Control Panel files for each model:

1.       All black and white models: “Monochrome simulation control panel.exe”

2.       Color models 2330, 2830, 3530, 4520, 2540, 3540, 4540, 2050, 2051, 2055, 2555, 3055, 3555, 4555, 5055: “Color simulation control panel.exe”  (button color on the older models maybe be white instead of blue as in the simulation)

3.       Color models 5520, 6520, 5540, 6540, 6550, 5560, 6560, 6570: “Big Box Color Control Panel Simulation.exe”

4.       These files can all be located at this link:  \\PS1\databank\maunals\document solutions\control panel sims

a.       Copy the link above and paste it in a file explorer window on your computer.

Section 2 – Lexmark

I.                     There are 2 ways to collect counter information for ALL Lexmark copier models (black and white and color systems are the same):

a.       Customer Support App:

                         i.      On the touchscreen of the copier, locate the Customer Support App.

1.       The icon either shows our MCC logo or a lady in a red shirt with a headset on her head.

2.       Press this icon

                         ii.      The counter should be displayed on the screen.

                         iii.      If you would like the customer to print the info and fax to us, have them press “Print it” on the bottom right of the screen.

b.       Device Statistics Report:

                        i.      Press the menu button on the bottom right of the touchscreen

1.       Button looks like three or four horizontal lines.  It does not say “Menu” on the button.

2.       On printer only models (do not begin with “X”.  For example, M5163 or TS460), the menu button may be a physical button on the printer and not on the touchscreen.

                        ii.      Select “Reports” on the touchscreen

1.       For printer models, you might need to scroll through the menu with the arrow buttons until you find “Reports” and then press “Select” or the checkmark button.

                        iii.      Select “Device Statistics”

1.       Once selected, the copier will printer out the Device Statistics report.

                        iv.      Find the largest number.  This is usually the “Total media picked sides” count and is typically around the middle of the page.

Section 3 – Muratec

I.                     Muratec 1430, 1450, 1470, 2030, 2050

a.       Press the “Settings” button on the control panel (usually next to the screen)

b.       Press “Counter” on the touchscreen.  Should be on the bottom row.

c.       Read the “Print Total”.

II.                   Muratec 2550, 2570, 3530, 3590

a.       Press the “My MFP” button on the lower left of the control panel (below and to the left of the touchscreen)

b.       Press “Machine Info” on the touchscreen

c.       Use the arrow buttons on the touchscreen to scroll until the counter information is displayed on the screen if necessary.

Section 4 – Sharp

I.                     For most Sharp models, counter information can be found by pressing and holding the “Copy” button.

a.       Both color and black counts will be displayed if it is a color system

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