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How to Setup SMTP Settings

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By default all MCC MFPs have our SMTP server programmed in during the Get-Ready process. If the machine we are replacing was set to use an SMTP server other than ours (, replicate those settings in the new MFP. If the web-interface test is successful, run a manual test from the MFP’s control panel by scanning first to yourself, and then to a client contact (Note that if the client’s SMTP server is using port 25, it will only scan to internal email addresses, and testing will only be successful to a client email address). Here are some basic troubleshooting items:

•       Check the DNS servers in Network Settings

•       Ensure authentication setting and username/password are correct

•       If messages appear to successfully send from the MFP but do not arrive in an inbox, the receiving email client may be to blame.

SMTP Servers we commonly use:

          Port: 587

          Authentication: [email protected], Mcccopier1**

          Port: 2525

          Authentication: (None)

          Port: 587

          Authentication: (gmail address and password)

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